Reinventing The Vision

Contrary to local belief my Head is full of ideas, most of them fleeting and unformed. Some reoccurring, but needing some form of outlet. A few are actually pretty good. Lets see what comes up!
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As of today consider this site a work in progress. Things just are to dated and in no way reflect my current level of competence. Look for lots of unannounced updates, and structure updates. A total redo if you will .. But it all has to start somewhere. Like now!

Photo Exhibition Kick Off Party

The CMPG had a kick-off party for it's Photo Exhibition at the Penn Camera's Laurel MD location. A fine time was had by all who came out and as noted by our President." I hope that you all noticed that we had more of our membership at the Penn Camera opening than at any of our meetings.
Maybe we need to have free food at our monthly meetings." Shamelessly displayed is my "CMPG members selection vote winner"