Reinventing The Vision

Contrary to local belief my Head is full of ideas, most of them fleeting and unformed. Some reoccurring, but needing some form of outlet. A few are actually pretty good. Lets see what comes up!
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As of today consider this site a work in progress. Things just are to dated and in no way reflect my current level of competence. Look for lots of unannounced updates, and structure updates. A total redo if you will .. But it all has to start somewhere. Like now!

Web Site Updates

Just a quick post to capture that moment when one (me) realizes that the intended end state is a littler harder to reach then anticipated. Or "Gee" this website is going to be a little harder to populate then I realized. But that said I have made great strides this morning to add content to the design. Still not ready for publishing, quite yet.